eeerrrm…. ?welcome?

Sooo this might seem a bit taken out of context, but I was actually running this site for a loooong time. It never was successful but I always wanted to share thing I do with people around. At first I was uploading notes from school for my classmates.

That got obsolete just a few years later.

At that point I got into photography and I wanted to share my photos and DIYs I tried. Then university “happened” for me and I forgot about this page for a long time.

Recently I got back to it and decided to do something with it again.

Since nobody read it in the first place before I decided to start over. Delete all the old slovak posts and started to write something new. In english this time as I am hoping for a better chance to attract a broader audience.

My point for this page is to share my “knowledge” my experiences and all of my “projects” I started recently in electronics. If you like it great. If not, please leave your hate somewhere where it will be appreciated. If you have only hate to bring then I am not doing this page for you and I am not going to respond to you.

So far not too many posts are here. You can go and check out my first portfolio galleries, something about me or about my gear. Soon there will be a few instructional posts, before I get to my actual projects. And every time I have something interesting I will try to post it as soon as possible.

Soo if you can have some fun here, and If you have some input for me, either to change something or add something, or even something I didn’t know and didn’t include in my posts I will be more than happy to receive the feedback.